Together in Dreams

Micro Monday

Theme: Dreams
Max WC: 300

“I dreamed about you; you know? Not like before —or always, I should say. This one was different. It was about being your dream. It doesn’t have to be right now, just sometime, you know? Ugh, I’m terrible at this sort of thing.” She sighs. “Let me start over.”

“I’m torn. Part of me wants to just roll up and nestle into our remaining time together. Another part of me wants to show you how strong I am and not let you see me during the moments…when I’m not as strong as I would like to be.” She laughs nervously. “I’m messing this up again, aren’t I? It might be simpler to just share a song that makes me think about it. It’s Nonbeliever by London Grammar. In it, I imagine two mes trying to win your attention. One me wants to focus on being infatuated with you but this other wants to show my strength…she wants to be strong for you. The song keeps saying don’t believe her, but its just two mes, telling you who to listen to. Each trying to discredit one another, telling you to pay attention to this-me and not that-me. But they are both me, you know?” She sighs again.

“I can’t imagine what all of this is doing to you, and I don’t pretend to. I wish I could take it all far away and keep you from being hurt by it. But instead, all I can do is fight with myself over what version of me that I want you to remember. In the end, all I can really do is ask something of you and let you decide what you choose to remember. My only ask, my only wish…dream of me sometimes, won’t you?”