My thoughts on Time

It is my belief that we’ve never cracked time travel, because we’re thinking about it all wrong. Time is a measuring device of our creation, the same as our standard and metric systems. But where those are used in the 2nd and 3rd dimensions, time spans a 4th. It’s our quantifying of a distance between two points.

A month ago, I was in a different place physically, mentally, spiritually…so too was my make up, my anatomy. In the space between now and then, millions of cells within me have been extinguished-replaced and new synaptic pathways have been established. In some regards, I’m not even the same person. And the person in that place is someone else. But that’s all of us.

If we want to execute our concept of time travel, we have to realize that we can’t arrive at a time; it’s not a destination. That “time” or our point of reference is actually a place where all things were, but are no longer. Saying you mean to travel to 1985 is like saying that you’re going to drive into town but stop to sit atop your odometer. The counting device doesn’t get you there. Time is a macro scale where your reference point exists alongside all the parallel and “present” things in a micro perspective. If we want to get there, we don’t need a phone booth or a DeLorean…we need a map.