Make Right

[WP] Your trusted friend killed you and took the credit for single-handedly defeating the greatest evil and saving the world. As you lay dying, however, you hear a voice offering you a second chance at life…on one condition.

“Greatest evil? Hardly. But you do have potential. What would you do for more time, I wonder.”
Your vision wanes as a growing pool of blood stretches away. Someone speaks but you can not see them. You try to lift your head but you can’t move. Am I paralyzed, you wonder. Who are you?… the words you want to ask but can’t manage the strength to speak.

“I am your closest companion. I’ve always been here. You’ve just not needed me yet. If we’re being literal, I’m simply your shadow… but oh how much more I am. You can’t perceive of my true presence and your kind has only managed a crude concept of my nature… but I digress. You are dying and you don’t have time to speculate the meaning of my existence. I’m simply extending an offer, a chance to set things as they should be and for you to become what you’re capable of becoming.

You continue to try lifting your head to see who is speaking. Who? The word keeps forming in your mind as you focus on making your mouth form the word. You hear a sigh.

“You’re in shock so this is difficult for you to understand. All I need is for you to will your answer. Do you wish for another chance? A chance to make things right? You can have a new chance on life. My only requirement is that you let me… drive from time to time. If this is acceptable, just give me your mental assent and it will be so.”

Make things right? Yes. Make things right.

Your vision sharpens. The blood retreats back across the floor, then from your clothes as it all funnels towards your back as a knife wound closes. You roll over and sit up, your clothes now completely dry of blood. You look over to your shadow as it seeps into you. Your eyes cloud over, becoming a solid, featureless black. Your mouth curls into a smirk. “Now…let’s see if we can get them to revise their definition of Greatest Evil.”