Hell’s Riddle

[WP] When you were sent to Hell, you expected fire, brimstone and hordes of demons. But upon your arrival you found nothing but a barren wasteland and a single lonely imp.

Had it been hours? Days? How long have I been here exactly? I had always heard the saying, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” but as I look around, I see no fury at all. There is no fire or pain, only this endless, featureless expanse of red-grey.

Everything lacking contrast is a different kind of suffering. My feet walk on a surface but there is no distinguishing it from any other direction. Surely, this is hell isn’t it? It must be. I died after all and I imagine Heaven’s gate keeper would have quite the laugh if I showed up there.

The only sign of life and the only feature in this place is the single imp that now follows me. It doesn’t respond–well not coherently anyways. It seems half dazed, eyes opened in narrow slits and looking straight ahead. It just floated there when I initially approached. I tried asking it questions but every time I spoke, it opened its mouth, releasing a brain piercing scream that drove me to my knees.

I finally gave up on asking questions or talking to it. I tried walking away only to be met with another scream. Every step that I took led to another bolt of pain that entered my head and radiated through my entire body. After trying to walk away in multiple directions, I finally stepped in a direction that didn’t elicit that pain inducing scream. The imp has been following me ever since but I dare not ask why. Am I being tested in some way? How far will I need to travel in this direction? I wonder what happens if I stop walking this direction?