Game, Set, and Match

Flash Fiction Challenge

Max Words: 300

Her dad had left her a note in his will, simply saying, “In the aquarium,” followed by a spade and a heart. She had all but forgotten the childhood game her family had played all those years ago. Each family member was a different suit. She was hearts, he was spades, and they were rivals. She hadn’t thought about the game in years but the suit symbols in the note made the game leap back to the forefront of her memory. Everyone hid the cards of their suit while the other members scavenger hunted them. They had all been found, save one…Dad’s Ace of Spades.

She looks through the tank, flipping objects and stirring the bottom. A fact that Sebastian, the resident goldfish, doesn’t seem too thrilled about. She finally moves Sebastian into temporary housing before draining the tank, then removing Sebastian’s world. The bottom has a convex shape, a hill for Sebastian’s house to rest upon. Further investigation leads to the discovery of a false bottom and an air pocket.

A 2.5” x 3.5” object rests within the space, including a final obstacle to her long sought prize, a blue bandana that he kept for blowing his nose. After defeating this final boss, the bandana is unfolded where she sees an image of Road Runner with a word bubble. “Meep, meep,” it says. It’s the deck he used for his suit of cards. She smiles as she flips the card over. Her mouth then drops open, seeing that it’s blank with another note. “So, I win right?” She slumps back, letting her cupped hands drop to her lap. She finally laughs and shakes her head. “Well played, pops. Well played.”