Serial Updates

I recently applied some helpful critiques to my Redux Riding Hood story. I’ve revised the first 2 chapters over on Royal Road and have also added Chapter 3. I will likely update the 3rd chapter once I hear back from my proofreader.

I’ve also adjusted updated the story for Duality Dissonance. The first two scenes are on Royal Road and will be updated on a fairly regular basis.

Lastly, I plan to look into Scribble Hub this week. I’ve been reading up on it as a place to post stories and I may start posting my Serial-Publications there soon! I’m currently just waiting for some completed cover art for Redux Riding Hood. Once I get that, I may start using this new platform!

I’m looking forward to it! Will share the details when I have them.

Happy reading!


New Cover Art for Duality Dissonance!

Great news! My cover artists just finished my little project! I must say, it look phenomenal. The image is a very particular scene at the end of the story and I am eager for everyone to get to that point. I have submitted this for a serial project on Royal Road. I will be posting updated scenes regularly. While I am posting this in a serial fashion, post related to this story will be under my Novel category. This is actually a novel, I’m just working through a rewrite while sharing the story. It’s different from my other stories in that I haven’t written through those yet so you can expect this to me have a more established story-line. Happy Reading!

Story Updates!

New scenes on the Red Riding Hood story! Be sure to check it out! There may or may not be ninjas, a train, and portals, but if there are any of those things, don’t expect them to fall in that order! Enjoy! 🙂

Novel Update!

I have posted the prologue to my work in progress, Duality Dissonance! I’ve been through one rewrite but I am currently going through another to refine some elements. I needed to darken some of the views of the characters, and I believe the story is much richer this go round. I will be posting this in as a serial in the near future but I have yet to decide how much of this story that I will release in this way. Be sure to check back in order to find out more! Feel free to follow along if you wish!

Story Updates!

A couple days ago, I completed a Writing Prompt on reddit that involved Little Red Riding Hood. I’m pleased to announce that I will be expanding this story into a series to develop it further. I already have several interesting concepts that are going into the story. I’m currently putting together a preceding scene which I should be releasing soon. I will post these first two scenes on Royal Road and then link it under the Serialized Menu option.

Be sure to check it out if you’re interested in seeing this fun new spin on Little Red Riding Hood, Wolf, and a Grandmother that wouldn’t have been written into a child’s storybook 🙂