Redux Riding Hood

“Alright, enough,” Red barks. “Listen pup, we can’t afford to waste time on your existential crisis. Jack just told you we’re being tracked, and it’s only a matter of time before something else is sent after us. If you really want to test your existence, then go play with whatever comes crawling out of the next portal.”

Mioko adopts a Little Red Riding Hood persona to remain close to someone precious to her. But this isn’t a story of whimsy or fairy tales. It’s a story about heart; the presence of it, the absence of it, and the devastation when the wrong one gets broken.

Mioko’s new life is one of cat and mouse as she uses a portal mechanic to flee across game and story worlds. She recruits the aid of Jack and Wolf from the Little Red Riding Hood, then uses their help to overcome obstacles in the forms of zombies, werewolves, a dragon, a Frankenstein monster and more.

Stopping what’s happening would technically make her a hero, but don’t look to her as such. She’s not a hero, and she’s no one’s champion. She’s only her father’s daughter, and the only thing that matters is retrieving the gift that he left behind for her—the one that was stolen.

So her goal is a selfish one, the means of which won’t be heroic. Bystanders will have their own role to play. As Mioko becomes the butterfly of her task, she will leave her effects for others to deal with as they may. The only thing that matters for her is recovering what was lost.

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